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Reston Hoops Basketball Rules Summary   2023-2024 winter season

1.     Ball Size 28.5 – All girls. Boys below 7th grade

a.     28.5 (size 6) – All girls. Boys below 7th grade

b.     29.5(size 7) – Boys 7th-12th grade  

2.      Rim Height:  

a. Grades 1 / 2 - 8’ , Grades Girls Only 3 / 4 – 9’, Boys ¾ and Grades 5-12- 10’  

b. If the rim height cannot be lowered the game will proceed on that height.  

3. Timeouts – 4 per game, as Coach wants to utilize

4. Clock and Book – if no ref is provided:  

a. Home team to do the book. Away team to do the clock  (can switch if both sides agree)

b. Team Points and Team fouls to be tracked. Points and fouls per player to be tracked.  

c.  8 minute quarters (7 for 1st/2nd grade and 3rd4th) with a running clock that stops only on a ref whistle and foul shots.  Clock is start stop for the last 2 minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarter.

5. Seating locations:  

a. Home team to sit to the right of the clock (looking at the clock to the left)  

b. Away team to sit to the left of the clock (looking at the clock to the right)  

6. Jerseys  

a. Home to wear White. Away to wear non-white color  

b. No loose items may be worn such as watches, necklaces or bracelets. No earrings

7. 3 Point line: 3 points are allowed if a 3 point line is present. (5th – 12th grade) 

8. Fouls:  

a. Each player is allowed 5 fouls before fouling out.  

b. 2 technicals by a player or coach in a game and the player/coach will be ejected.  

i. Subject additional suspensions from Board  

ii. A technical foul is a personal foul.  

c. 7 team fouls – 1 and 1, 10 team fouls – 2 shots, Foul on a 3 point shot– 3 shots  

d. 1st/2 Grade foul line – 57”, 3rd/4th 20” from free throw line. 5th-8th regular free throw  

9. Backcourt Defense Rules:  

i. 1st / 2nd , 3rd / 4th grade - no backcourt defense the entire game  

ii. 5th / 6th , 7th and 8th grade allowed entire game if score is within 10 points (5/6) or 15 for (7/8) for the  winning team. The losing team is allowed to press the entire time.  

10. Defensive Rules:  

a. Zones are ONLY allowed in the  5th/6th and 7th/8th league, in all other leagues the defensive player must attempt to closely guard their opponent (Note: If a team is playing with fewer than five (5) players they are allowed to play zone at any age group).
i. (1/2 and 3/4 divisions only) Double teaming is not allowed unless the offensive player has the ball in the lane.  For any                                               division 5th and older, double teaming is allowed and can be used as FC/Zone defense. 
ii. Warnings will occur for the first 2 violations. A technical is given for additional ones.  

b. Additional rules may occur if an exploit starts to occur on man to man  

11. Offensive Rules:  

a. Lane violations by any offense player after 3 seconds. 5 seconds for 1st/2nd grade  

12. Player Participation Rules:  

a. Each Player is required to play a minimum of 2 full unbroken quarters each game  

b. If a player starts the quarter the player must finish the quarter, unless that player either fouls out or is injured and unable to continue

c. No player can play more than 3 quarters unless all players have completed a minimum of 2 quarters:  i. 9 players = 2 players (3q) , 7 players (2q)  

ii. 8 players = 4 players (3q) , 4 players (2q)  

iii. 7 players = 6 players (3q) , 1 players (2q)  

iv. 6 players = 2 players (4q) , 4 players (3q)  

v. 5 players = 5 players (4q)  

13. Overtime:  

a. First overtime is 2 minutes with 1 additional time-out  

b. Second Overtime is sudden death until either team scores first  

i. No additional timeouts for the 2nd overtime.  

14. Additional rules may be added or amended through the season to preserve balance in the league. 



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